Morehead State

12:11 PM

My husband went to school at Morehead State, in eastern Kentucky, so we decided to make a trip up there so he could show me around and visit some of his old college buddies.  I'd never been past Lexington and Morehead, Ky is an hour East of there, right in the Daniel Boone National Forest.  Let me tell you, it is a beautiful drive up there, if you've never been, it's a place to visit.

This is the view from all over campus, it's amazing.

He was so excited to be back.

I go to another university in the same conference as Morehead, we're about the same size except my university is a little bigger, and in my opinion, a little better, but I was shocked that Morehead has an actual Starbucks and a Chick Fil A in their student center.  My university only sells Starbucks coffee in it's own little shop.  Plus, there are no restaurants anywhere on campus.  Morehead definitely has us beat in that area.  

The university literally sits right in the middle of two mountains, it's the cutest little mountain town, just like in the movies.  I was amazed how beautiful it was!  Since it sits between the mountains, the entire campus is on one side of this little road.  It starts with the football and baseball fields, then moves to dorms and rec centers, and then to the class buildings and student center.  All connected by ONE sidewalk, no bigger than a normal sidewalk, that the entire student body uses.  Crazy.  It's definitely a beautiful campus and we had the most amazing time with his friends, they all acted like little kids when they saw each other.  We'll be going back soon for sure.  

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