Hair Crisis

9:27 PM

It's been a couple weeks y'all and I promise I'll be back in full swing after next week, the deadly finals week!  So many projects due the last couple weeks of the semester but I'm only 4 finals away from freedom!

I've let my hair grow to the longest it's ever been, all the way down to my waist!  Crazy!  I don't cut it because I don't know what to do with it and I've decided, after much grief from my mother and husband, something needs to be done, meaning cut.  Soon.  However, I refuse to cut more than a few inches.  I will continue to fight my mom's theory, that I have personally seen is 90% of cases, that women cut their hair off after they either get married, or have a baby.  I will not be one.  But, here are a couple of ideas I've found.  Ignore the color, although I wouldn't mind going blonde again!  Opinions welcome.

Clearly this is for the cut only.  I do wear red fairly well though. 

I can't remember the last time I had bangs, love these but I think I need to be able to wear it all up in a sock bun.  

This cut seems best, lots of layers, long obviously.

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  1. No Don't! Better to sell it and then donate the money, they only use maybe 10% of ALL donations. They don't focus on the Cancer aspect, they focus on alapecea (sp?) people. Not saying the idea isn't wonderful, just the odds of using YOUR hair is slim to none. Also they sell it at $3.00 a donation, IF it can be used.
    Better off just a donation. Do your research I did and it really opened my eyes, or keep your hair.


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