Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Frat Collection

One of my favorite retailers, The Frat Collection, make these amazing pocket tees, and they've offered all of you 30% now through Monday, November 26!  Plus, all orders are guaranteed to be delivered by December 21, just in time for Christmas!  They're great to buy for yourself or for friends, and sorority sisters and fraternity brothers!  Don't be fouled by their name though, they're products are for everyone!  I've even ordered a couple shirts myself and can't wait till they come in! 
You choose whatever pocket you like, and then you choose the color tee you want, short sleeve, long sleeve, tank, sweatshirts, and sport shirts!  But beware, choosing is incredibly hard, they're are so many to choose from!  They're for men, women, and even kids!

And the best part about this company? They will donate 10% of your purchase to a charity of your choice!  I donated to St. Jude, but you can choose any one that's special to you!  

Don't miss out! Use the code "Holiday" to get 30% off through the 26th and you'll be sure to get it just in time for Christmas! 


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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas List

Jason has been asking me what I want for Christmas, and to be honest, I'm not really sure!  Last year I had a long list of replacements I wanted for what was stolen out of my car last November, but this year we've been lucky and no such thing has happened!  But somehow I managed to come up with a few things, it really was a struggle.  Yeah, right!

1. I would love anything from West Elm, like home decor, a fur throw, but especially a monogrammed duvet. Love, right?
2. A monogramed Otterbox from Personalized From Me to You would be great.
3. Some boots from L.L.Bean would be fabulous, preppy and practical.
4. It always seems like I need another large tote/purse and it's hard to beat a Longchamp!
5. And of course, clothes are always a great gift (or giftcard) especially from Lilly or J. Crew, you can't go wrong.
6. And I'm thinking that getting a new Christmas tree would be awful nice too!

But more important than getting gifts, the most important part of Christmas is being with family and celebrating another wonderful year full of blessings.  The holidays are my favorite time of year, seeing family I don't often get to, and all the delicious food, duh!  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!  Maybe I'll see you on Black Friday?? Don't forget to be KIND to the people working retail, I'll be one of them!  It can be so fun, please don't ruin someone's day, remember, it's the holidays, and just one day after we're supposed to be thankful for what we have!

Christmas List



Ankle booties

Longchamp tote handbag

Tech accessory

Thermal Mug

Faux-Fur Throw Lynx

Sparkle Tote

Friday, November 9, 2012

Cooking Curls 2

So it was requested that I show what the smaller curls look like that I mentioned could also be done via the tin foil and straightener method I previously posted, well look no further because here it is!  Exact same process just a slight difference, only use one finger to wrap the hair around and use much smaller sections.  Also, the pieces of tin foil can be much smaller, about 3x5 inches, or whatever works best for you, and you'll need more of them.

My mom actually did it for me, but she's wrapping a small piece of hair around one finger. 

I was picking up Cuba around this time. 

This is what the small curls will look like!

I don't usually wear it like this, so I'll pull my hair up on top of my head into a pony tail and use a lose hair tie to hold it while I sleep. 

This is what they look like the next morning.  And for the sake of this post,  I slept on them one more night. 

Day 2! More like the curls from the first post. 

By the end of day 2, this is what they look like.

I hope this was helpful!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

I don't know about all of you but I for one am glad this election is coming to an end.  I'm tired of all the negativity and ridiculous amounts of money being spent campaigning, not just for the presidential election but every election.  I can think of a million better ways to spend that money.  Like cancer research, St. Jude Children's Hospital, animal rescue, education, and the list can go on.  I have my reasons for my political view but I don't go around shoving it in other people's face or dare say they're unintelligent, racist, or anything else like that because they are choosing to vote one way or the other.  That's the point of America isn't it? Freedom of speech, the right to have an opinion, voice it, and vote on it are what this country was founded on.  I do however, think it's very irresponsible to vote for someone or a party because of political ads, celebrity opinions, friends opinions, or because of what your parents believe.  YOU, as the American public, need to become informed, do your research and choose a candidate based on facts, not popularity.  This race shouldn't even really be about the candidates but beliefs.  And if you have good reason for the decision you make then that's exactly the decision you should make.  I also believe that you can't make moral beliefs into law.  I do not believe in gay marriage, or abortion.  I also don't believe in murdering people, stealing, lying, or polygamy, but people still do it.  Drinking was made illegal by a constitutional amendment and what happened?  Speakeasies and moonshine.  You can't keep people from doing what they want with laws.  People who are gay wont stop being gay because they can't legally marry and women wont stop having abortions, they'll go out of the country, doctor's preforming them illegally, or, heaven forbid, allow back alley, unsanitary, quacks to preform them out of desperation.  I believe in the Bible, I add nor take away anything from it.  There's separation of church and state for a reason, our Founding Fathers had good reason to make it that way.  I absolutely believe they would be ashamed of what politics have turned in to and are probably rolling in their grave.  With me off my soapbox, get out and vote people!  I don't care who you vote for, I just ask that you have legitimate reasons for it and that you go and do it!  Exercise your right as an American, the right that our ancestors fought and died for, the core of the American way and dream, freedom!  We are so lucky to be a part of the greatest nation where we can live and worship the way we want answering only to God in the end.  Be proud to get that I Voted sticker and wear it today!

I hope everyone got one of these today!

My voting attire, red white and blue!

West Elm Bedding

I'm literally in love with everything West Elm, especially their furniture and bedding!  I did a post earlier about bedroom furniture and this is all about how to dress that bed!  I love a cozy layered look, not just for cool weather, but it can be so inviting year round, it just depends on the color and texture of the materials you use.  This look is modern with a rustic and organic feeling to it.  I love the colors, muted blues, purples, creams, and grays which I think are perfect for fall and winter.  You can give your own bed a layered look by adding a pretty blanket under the comforter, some texture rich throw pillows, and a throw on the foot of the bed like the fur ones I have pictured.  I definitely plan on making my bed the most warm and comfortable place in the house this winter!

West Elm Bedding

Thursday, November 1, 2012


This was our second Halloween as a married couple, and also only the second time for either of us to live in town where there are even trick-or-treaters!  And we all dressed up this year.  Yes, even Brewster.  We had our little hay bales, pumpkins, and even a scarecrow in our front yard, not just to be festive, but hopefully make our house inviting for trick-or-treaters!  I carved a pumpkin and in record time I might add, thanks to a handy dandy ice cream scoop!

I was Princess Kate Middleton!

Jason was really excited about his scary mask.  I was not, whatsoever.  I'm not into the whole scary Halloween thing so much. 

Brewster, bless his heart, was a little bumble bee!  Isn't he cute!  This was however, the only time he wore it and it was maybe only 10 minutes.  

The pumpkin I carved in about 25 minutes!  I was fairly proud of myself!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!
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