Isn't Fall Break Supposed To Be A Break?

10:54 PM

So last Thursday and Friday were my university fall break, I took advantage and spent my long weekend in Alabama, "break" it was, but break it was not. Although I thoroughly enjoyed myself, seeing Jason and being in our new house for the first time! #yay 

I drove all afternoon and night Wednesday to get there and spend as much time as possible, the next 3 days consisted of unpacking, putting away, more unpacking, Target, unpacking, Target, cleaning, unpacking, Target, putting away, and finally, decorating! In somewhat that order. The 3 Target trips were true though. (Plus 2? Whatever, Target's fab) I can't wait to really decorate all the rooms and get all the furniture, I am seriously shooting for an I-walked-out-of-a-magazine-even-though-I'm-a-house look. (But for cheap!) I will be posting more about my home decor, ideas and such, but now, back to my weekend!

We were finally able to celebrate our two-year anniversary, and we ate at the most fabulous place, tiny, new, and in the up-coming downtown. Necktar. #ILoveYou One of those fancy places you don't expect to see in a town like this, but I cannot wait to go back! (Post on food and experience later!) 

For now, until we get a proper mirror, our OOTN's 

Isn't he handsome?? And I so love my dress! Phillip Lim for Target, if you haven't checked your store for it, do it. Only $30! So perfect for fall, boots, tights, the whole fall-9-yards, unfortunately it was PLENTY warm in Alabama so I opted for flats, but seriously, the draping is perf for any body type, and just look at that print! Well done Phillip Lim, well done. And thanks Target. #ILoveYou

But, back to the point, although I worked hard and didn't get much rest time, I got a break from what I needed a break from most, school. It was a fabulous weekend.

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