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You may be thinking, "I get beauty for girls, but guys?" Yes! Guys need beauty products too and you want your gent to have baby soft skin and smell amazing right? Of course! So I've put together some products for the ladies and gents who like to look their best!
For your friend who's always at the beauty counter, the Naked 3 palette which JUST came out, my favorite polishes, and perfumes, and who doesn't always need a new tube of the perfect red lipstick? I finally took the plunge and bought my first red lipstick and I LOVE it! I'll definitely be investing in a tube like the one above!  
For the gents, of course some of my favorite cologne, Chanel and John Varvatos, a couple different kinds of MEN'S skin care products, and I'm in love with the shaving kit, it's so gentleman-like, even if he doesn't use the brush and all, it still looks great and MANLY displayed in his bathroom! 

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

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