Winter Wreath

5:52 PM

My mom has been making wreaths for my door and they're fantastic, obviously, but I decided that I would make a winter wreath myself.  (Got the idea from Pinterest of course). 

The original

Annnnd here we go! 

So I decided on 3 different sized styrofoam balls for my wreath, I ended up with 4 large, 12 medium, and 12 small. (In hindsight I probably should've left out the large, but whatever, it's fine!) 

Choose your yarn! I love the brown, gray, and tan I chose, thicker and a little more organic looking than the white and the white is obvi just typical yarn, any color and type work though!

Then you start wrapping! I wrapped till the balls were mostly covered, if you look closely you can see the styrofoam, but who's going to be looking that close?


If only it didn't take me a year to get to this part, but I bought just a regular 'ol vine wreath from Hobby Lobby for $5, it's not what the original used but I liked the look. 

You should probably lay all of the ball out and then start gluing but I glued the 4 large ones on so I could make sure they weren't too close and didn't look silly and then kind of planned out where I was going with the rest, medium balls next and then use the small ones to fill in. I used hot glue, if you do, make sure you lay something under the wreath because it will drip through and I had to glue them the best I could to the wreath and then also to the balls next to them.

Ta-da! A year in the making! 
I added the bow to the space I left at the top. I need to work on my bows some more but I think it turned out alright! Obviously mine didn't turn out exactly like the original, mines a little more...robust. Haha, but I'm pretty proud! 

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