Friday Favorites

10:04 PM

I've decided to start another weekly post, Friday Favorites!  (Hopefully) every Friday I'll publish a post with a few of my favorite things.  This week I'm talking music!  I'd like to think I have a taste for not-so-mainstream music but the music I love is more often finding it's way to the hit radio stations.  I can listen to pretty much any music, I love rock, alternative rock, singer/songwriter, I like pop, classical, broadway, jazz, the oldies...just about everything.  But here are a few songs, some new, some not so new, songs that I can't get enough of, maybe you've heard them, maybe you haven't.  Yes, I'm that person who listens to the same few songs on repeat forever.  Oh whale. 

1. Pompeii by Bastille

2. All Shook Up (Elvis cover) by Avila

3. Titanium (Sia/David Guetta cover) by Madilyn Bailey

4. Little Bird by Ed Sheeran 

5. It's Time by Imagine Dragons

6. In Your Atmoshpere (Live) by John Mayer

I strongly encourage you to check these out, they're the kind of songs that give me really strong feels down deep in my soul, crank the music up way loud and have a private dance party in the car kind of songs. 

If you gave them a listen, how did you like them?  Did you already know some or all of them? Song suggestions??

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