Moisture Mecca

8:21 PM

Can I just start with, tomorrow's my birthday! The big 24! Yay! 

Now back to your regular programming.

I recently did a post on fighting winter skin but I didn't mention a daily face moisturizer I use in my beauty routine, mostly because I was looking for a new one!  And I found it!  Went shopping with my mom the other day and went to Ulta on a mission.  I looked at all the brands, ones I knew, ones I didn't, and ended up with one of my favorite brands, bareMinerals!  There were a couple I was looking at, both called Purely Nourishing Cream but one for normal to dry skin and in a pump bottle, the other for dry skin and in a jar.  Obviously the jar cream would be thicker, the pump a bit lighter but I tried them both and the jar won out! (Also they were the same price and size but you can get EVERY bit of cream out of the jar!)  I've been using it for 2 days and I absolutely LOVE it, it's perfect.  It's not too heavy, soaks in perfectly and DOES NOT leave you feeling or looking greasy.  Like I said, perfect. 

Love the packaging! 

The naturally luminous part, what a great perk! 

Literally, this changes everything. 

You can just see the thick, creamy, silky, smoothness of the cream.  My skin is calling for it!  Is yours? 

What's your favorite moisturizer?

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  1. I think I might need to try that moisturizer as well. Happy Birthday also.
    xx, High Heels and Tutus

  2. I found your blog through a random Pinterest link that led me to Buzzfeed for a hair tutorial or something weird, and I love it! Great blog! I know your posts are right up my alley because you this post's tags include beauty products and Diet Coke. :)


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