Take Time

9:50 AM

So, I've had quite a bit of free time lately being on winter break (thankfully), and last night I was going through one of my fav bloggers, College Prepster, Pinterest quotes board, "legibly beautiful," and found some truly inspiring quotes.  This one, I love.  And while I've spent a lot of time relaxing over the break and spending time with my love and loved ones, I decided I would take a little time to pamper myself today, just a little bit, by getting my nails done.  This will be the first time I've ever gotten them done (besides those French tips for prom that one time) and I'm a little excited.  Maybe I'll explain more about why later.  But, back to the quote.  Take time people.  Five, ten, thirty minutes a day, take some time.  To read, sit in quite, drink a cup of coffee and actually enjoy it, whatever it is, do it!

What makes your soul happy?  What do you take time to do every day?

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  1. Love this! Reading the Bible makes my soul happy as does lighting some candles and taking a warm bath! I aim to read every morning and while I may not have time for a long soak everyday, I can definitely try to make it happen every week!


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