Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Blog!

Hello all of my lovely readers, I've been working on some changes the last couple days and thanks to some amazing help from Emily at Designer Blogs, all of the content from this blog address has been transferred over to happylittlehummingbird.blogspot.com (yay! The address finally matches the name!) 

So please head on over to my new address where you'll find all the great posts from days past and hopefully even more amazing new ones! 

Cooking Curls

My hair is the worst when it comes to holding a curl, but, I have found a solution, thanks to my mom.  She found the idea on Pinterest, and it's a fantastic cure to perpetually straight hair.  You can make tight, spiral curls from root to tip or loose beach waves, which I'll be showing you!

What you'll need:
Aluminum Foil
Hair straightener

Simple huh?

1) Cut the tin foil into square pieces.  Your hair thickness, length, and size of curl you desire will dictate how large the pieces should be. 
Since I'm doing large curls, I cut larger pieces of tin foil, about 5x6 inches.  For smaller curls you can probably use 3x4 inch pieces.  This is something you'll have to probably test to make sure the foil piece is large enough to wrap around your hair.  

2) Then you'll take a piece of hair, again, since I'm doing larger curls, I wrapped my hair around 3 fingers, for tight curls, wrap a much smaller piece of hair around one finger.  Then, in keeping your hair coiled, slide it off your finger by holding the ends so they don't slip out.  

3) Wrap the tin foil around the hair, and then fold the bottom of the foil up to hold.  Do this until you've wrapped all of your hair, mine took 11 pieces of foil, other times when doing tight curls, it's been up to 30 wrapped pieces.  

4) Then use your straightener to heat the foil, for large curls, about 45 seconds, small, 20-25 seconds.  Do this until you've heated all of the pieces of hair.  

5) Wait for the foil to cool and then you can begin pulling the foil out, but don't pull it out until it's cool.  The foil slides right off and there's your curls!  You can use hairspray if you like, but mine will even hold all day.

My foil pieces. 

My hair is really long and straight, went to sleep with it wet and this is what I wake up with.  

Wrapping the piece of hair around my fingers.  

This is what it should look like when after you slide it off your fingers. 

Fold the foil around the coil.  

Fold the bottom of the foil up next.  

Once it's all up.

Don't worry if it hangs, you don't want all of your hair to be curled.  With big loose waves anyway.

Heat with the straightener. 

Once all the pieces are cool, the foil slides right off and...

This is what your curls will look like!

For the big curls, I usually have a curling iron ready, just in case some of the hair gets "bent" just to smooth it out.  

Final Product!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Trends 2014 {The Collared Shirt}

It's that time of year, Spring trends are rolling out via designer runway shows and over a series of posts I'll be showing all my lovely readers how to translate the amazing runway looks to every day wear.  The first trend is all about the collared shirt.  Already a staple in your closet you say? Wonderful! You're already a step ahead of the game.  We're not talking just the go-to oxford, but your hubby's business shirt, dresses, oversized, printed, any and every color, and even extreme collars.  Maybe neither you or I are daring enough for the runway looks below, but I've put together some amazing shirts we can all add to our closet and not only wear this spring but for the foreseeable future. 

Images via Harpers Bazaar 

The Collared Shirt

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

My recent visit to Vineyard Vines left me craving some of their new spring line and they're my Friday Favorites this Friday! (Obviously)  I've been craving another Shep Shep shirt for a while but I'm so undecided as to which color to get, I went against my usual impulse and got a light green and I'm still so drawn to the navy but I'm loving this light pink and white! And I can never have enough button-downs, but I'm loving these popovers, especially in plaid! And the shorts, I mean, how could you not love them?

Beach Plaid Popover in Jake Blue 

I hope to have at least a couple of these pieces for summer, what's your favorite piece from Vineyard Vines right now?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Prep Essentials {Clothing}

I'll be doing some posts over the next few weeks on prep essentials, starting with clothing. These are things every self-proclaimed prep should have in her closet. I stick to the belief that it's not all about the brand, it's about style. I'll admit I'm a habitual button-down/sweater combo kind of girl during the cold months and an oxford/chino kind of girl in the warmer months, but those aren't the only fabulous preppy outfits out there, below I have some of my favorite preppy pieces! 

1. Seersucker. You can never go wrong with seersucker. Also, how adorable is that dress? 

2. Oxford button-downs. Classic. 

3. The Striped Shirt. Will always and forever be a preppy classic, navy and white are even more of a perfect color combination when used in a striped shirt.

4. A Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt. There is no other pullover you'll ever need. Dress it up, dress it down, it's always appropriate. 

5. A Barbour Jacket. This item has yet to grace my closet but it will. Hopefully sooner than later.

6. Quilted Vests. J. Crew is the obvious choice and I still can't get over this herringbone one that I decided to wait on when they first came out and just like that, gone forever. But any and every color needs to be in my closet, I'm unashamed to say I'm totally vest obsessed. 

7. Cable Knit Sweaters. Ralph Lauren and BrooksB Brothers kind of have a lock on the classic preppy cable knit, but I can tell you that I'll never turn one down especially if it's navy.

8. Plaid. Fall/Winter prep must have. Shirts, skirts, pants, coats, any and everything looks good in plaid.

9. A leather belt. Having an anchor is just a gigantic plus. 

10. Chinos. Shorts, pants, in every color is completely necessary. J. Crew, vineyard Vines and Lilly are some of my favorite with the amazing bright and classic colors and the non-hoochy lengths at an average of 5" inseams which are not too long but still classy, and even the 3" inseams aren't too short, but if there's one thing being preppy doesn't entail, it's being trashy.

11. Lilly Pulitzer. The ultimate preppy girl's dream is having a closet full of Lilly. Bright, fun, classy, and totally classic, it will always be in style in the prep world and one day your daughters and granddaughters will fall in love with your "vintage Lilly." I love mine and if you don't have some yet, I can guarantee that when you do you'll fall in love. You never forget your first Lilly. 

Prep clothing

What's your favorite prep essential when it comes to clothing? 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Felt so preppy today and I was SO excited to take advantage of the warmer weather and pulling out some Lilly. Also loving my new Vineyard Vines lanyard for my school ID. Which isn't in the picture..oh whale. 

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer // Jacket: J. Crew // Belt: Target // Shoes: Michael Kors

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Loving Love

Red, pink, chocolate, roses, cards, hugs, kisses, just a brief summarization of what Valentine's Day means to most people, and yes, it's fun to give and get, but we must not forget the main reason for setting this day aside as a holiday, love. I LOVE, love. I love the idea of it, the act of it, the joy of it, everything about it. I've got a history of having amazing Valentines, my Mom and Dad, Momaw, Popaw, Gran, Great-Gran, Boat, sister, my newest Valentines Jason and Brewster, but most importantly God.  They've been there every step of the way, cared for me, raised me right, been wonderful examples of how to love others, each other, and the importance of having a love for God and his word. One day I hope to have a daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, (I guess it could be a boy) to give the same love they've given me.  And even though I'll never know the love God has for me, I can increase the love I have for him and teach that to those around me. 
I've been blessed beyond measure with love that I don't deserve nor could ever repay, but I can try. You don't have to be in a relationship to celebrate love, there are so many people who love you, one in particular who will never not love you. Celebrate love tomorrow, know that I have a love for you as a friend, relative, aquaintance, reader, human being, I love you! Let's celebrate love! 

1 Corinthians 13
1 John 4:19
John 15:9


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